Activity programs



※Please make a contact about the hours and fees.

Crafting activity



You can enjoy making pottery using volcanic ash at the craft center.
Small cups and vessels for drinks and alcohol are popular souvenirs.

Hours Every day
Time 1 hour~2 hours
Fee [Ougaku Tougei]
Volcanic ash art activity 1,300 yen
Painting activity 1,300 yen
[Murayama Tougei]
Activity fee: 1,500 yen
Contact Ougaku Tougei Phone: 099-293-3939 Details
Murayama Tougei Phone: 099-293-2322 Details

Footbath Making Activity


There are rich hot springs in active volcano, Sakurajima.
In Arimura coast, you can enjoy making your own footbath by digging sand beach.
*Please contact Sakurajima Visitor Center whether activity is available or not since the implement is limited by tide condition or the weather.
Please do not go to the area when it’s raining since debris flood happens in bad weather.

Hours Every day *It depends on the tide condition
Time About 1 hour~2 hours
Place Arimura Coast
Fee 500 yen *Please purchase “Footbath set” at Sakurajima Visitor Center.
Contact Sakurajima Visitor Center
Phone: 099-293-2443
*Footbath guided tour is also available.

Fishing Activity


Quiet sea Kinko-Bay is popular for fishing, You can enjoy fishing at “Umizuri Park”, or ride on fishing raft which is restrooms fully-equipped.

Hours Every day
Time Up to 12 hours
Fee [Umizuri Park]
Admission fee:Adults 100 yen, Children 50 yen
Activity fee:Adults within 4 hours 200 yen
/ Children within 4 hours 100 yen
[Fifth Showa-Maru (fishing raft)]
Man: 2,000 yen
Female, children aged 16 or older: 1,000 yen
Hours: 7:00-17:00
Contact [Sakurajima Umizuri Park] Details
Phone: 099-293-3937 (Reservation is not required)
[Fifth Showa-Maru] Details
Phone: 080-1785-3260


※Please make a contact about the hours and fees.

Making Pizza Kiln with Lava


You can enjoy making pizza kiln by lava of Sakurajima and baking pizza mixing camellia oil which is local product of Sakurajima.
This activity will make you enjoy Sakurajima entirely.

Hours Every day *Please make a reservation one week in advance.
Time About 3 hours
Place Yogan Kakou Center (Lava Manufacture Center)
Fee 14,000 yen(up to 5 people)
*2,800 yen for each person will be added for more people.
Contact NPO Sakukrajima Musuem
Phone: 099-245-2550
※ Please contact when less than 6-year-old children are included.

Kayaking Activity


Please make a reservation two days in advance

Let’s enjoy an active volcano Sakurajima from the sea!

Date Apr. to Oct.
Time 90minutes
Place Rainbow Beach
Fee 5,400 yen
Reservation NPO Sakurajima Museum
Phone: 099-245-2550


Date All year
Hours 3hours (reservation required)
Place Various parts of Sakurajima
Fee 8,000 yen
Reservation Kagoshima Kayaks Mr. Nomoto Details
Phone: 090-4583-6920

Contact Us

For more information about activity programs, please make a phone call to “Minnna no Sakurajima Association” (in NPO Sakurajima Museum, phone: 099-245-2550)

Please see the website of
“Minna no Sakurajima”
for details and reservations of activity programs

For contact about activities and tours NPO Sakurajima Museum Phone: 099-245-2550

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